This is a multidimensional nonfiction prose poetry novel that is materializing in pieces, per my whim.

A dynamic digital literary installation, I’m also calling it.

Everything in here is real, and safely in the past, and really something I wrote to someone — sometimes myself — as I was living it.

The pieces — episodic, standalone — may be read chronologically, as they occurred in time, or filtered for attribute: who inveigled them into being, the medium of telling, where they occurred, and an ever-growing set of notional themes; there are also keyword search and random selector functions.

Each episode comes with a key to its individual content in case you want to follow the attribute road that way, from the interior.

This all occurred over a contained eleven-month period, but I am sharing it slowly, and out of order.

New episodes are added multiple times weekly.

If you would like to know when something new has been released, please see the subscription options.

© Copywrite 2022 Rae Lieff Axelbank. All rights reserved.

Additional explicative notes can be read here.

Thank you.

– Rae Lieff Axelbank

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