urban birding

I said,

1. I’m on my vehicular way back to my pack. Thank you again, so much, for this hard-fought cab ride and for absolutely everything else.

2. Yo there are some things happening between some birds in whatever plaza is if you go out of the apartment and take a left and then take a right. Birds eating other birds. And whatnot. Speaking of conflict resolution.

I took a video of one — a giant seagull, maybe? — pecking at and carrying around the floppy carcass of a smaller, darker bird — a pigeon? — in its mouth, and eventually as it tried to walk away, super-casual, acting like it didn’t even notice me filming, it led me to another one doing the same thing.

I wonder if maybe something happened involving these smaller birds to have them dying in droves and now the bigger ones (are gulls scavengers? I guess that makes sense) are all over it.

Here is a picture of a third big bird trying to pretend for me that it’s not trying to fish that third fucked-up little bird carcass out of the fountain.

[I sent him a picture of some disembodied pigeon wings floating in a fountain with a seagull standing nearby, acting like it wasn’t trying to see if there was anything left to eat]

Also there is 100% an owl trapped inside one of those shuttered ice cream kiosks.

Or maybe it’s in there voluntarily.

Big day for urban birding in whatever plaza that is.

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