Friends with Danish subtitles

The apartment where I will be cat-sitting for the next few days is fabulous, too fabulous, such that now that the owner has left me and it for Paris, instead of exiting into greater Denmark I am hanging out, eating whatever meal-like arrangements I can make from the contents of her larder and being soothed by the Scandinavian design and unimpeachable blondness in every one of the portraits and watching “Friends” with Danish subtitles, trying to pick up a pronoun or two.

not missing New York

Barely left the house today, but to sit in the crow’s nest thing in the little park nearby to write a bit, strum and change the lyrics of that song to be about not missing New York until a park guy asked me to leave because they were closing and I had to go back to the house. All of a sudden I’m sick of Friends — it was a sweeping shot of the Brooklyn Bridge that did it — why am I watching TV I’ve already seen set in a city I deliberately left behind?

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