inaugural euro poop



took my inaugural european poop by skylight in a room that is also itself a shower stall. the airbnb host purports by profile to speak english and hindi (no danish, i guess), and we haven’t met but i believe him. i took a fitful nap on sheets that smelled like maybe they hadn’t been prewashed for me per se but who cares?? it’s inevitably cleaner by volume than the airliner seat that was my last place of rest and fully reclined, too. whoever’s room it usually is is a smoker, i’m sure, and reads books with titles like FINANCE FOR NON-FINANCIAL MANAGERS. later i wandered the brickyard and took this photograph of a mirror in some ivy under a window from which spilled music i once was regularly acquainted with, back when i almost had an indian mother in law.

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it took her to learn Greek

I asked Sigrid — Danish, German, she — how long it took her to learn Greek. Many years, she said. I was smoking then, she said, and then she described a habit of listening to what people said to her and writing it down on the inside of her cigarette pack and — and here she pantomimed, a flat, out-turned palm extended and slightly aloft, for Sigrid is petite and the generic remembered Greek interlocutor, probably taller — holding it up for them to review.

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