this wont take me anywhere

She said,

What are you doing

I said,

I am in the apartment eating carrots because thatʼs all I have so far

Although probably I will rectify that soon

I am going to put something familiar and safe on my computer and try to, I donʼt know what, make things happen for myself

She said,

What are you wanting to happen?

I said,

Iʼd like to start cementing plans for what will be after Berlin


I want to not feel afraid all the time

but that seems like something I need to go inside for, not outside

She said,

What are you most afraid of?

I said,

Of everything in the whole world?


She said,

Of your current endeavor

I said,

That I will have to go back to New York and just pick up where I left off

That this wonʼt take me somewhere

She said,

Well it will definitely take you somewhere it just might not be where you thought

I said,

Also Iʼm afraid of getting fat

She said,

Impossible to get fat on carrots.

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on finding a good piece of cardboard

He said,

How are you?

I said,

I’m so many ways


I love Brussels

I think today is the day that I go out and sit in the park with a sign that says FREE LISTENING

i.e. the advent of this project that is maybe my raison d’être

or raison de voyager

or whatever

But it’s predicated on finding a good piece of cardboard

And all I have is an empty toilet paper roll


There really should be an app for this

I don’t know where to start

Probably the thing to do is start making some lists

/stop drinking coffee

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