austerity is maybe a good thing

The Greek hottie I talked with on the shuttle bus from the departure gate to the plane mentioned his countrymen being pretty bummed, angry in the context of the economic depression they’ve been in for a while.

I jumped right in with my thesis about how austerity is maybe a good thing for humans to be practicing more of on the whole — I’m not sure we need as much as we’ve been led to believe we need — but also you can’t just impose it on a population all of a sudden and expect people to not be mad — that’s what makes people mad — et cetera.

I’m not sure it landed. He seemed like he was in a hurry to get away from me when the bus stopped and it was time to load the plane with us and other people going to Athens, so maybe now I am boring or some other kind of repellant, which would be interesting and fine for its sheer novelty.

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