on finding a good piece of cardboard

He said,

How are you?

I said,

I’m so many ways


I love Brussels

I think today is the day that I go out and sit in the park with a sign that says FREE LISTENING

i.e. the advent of this project that is maybe my raison d’être

or raison de voyager

or whatever

But it’s predicated on finding a good piece of cardboard

And all I have is an empty toilet paper roll


There really should be an app for this

I don’t know where to start

Probably the thing to do is start making some lists

/stop drinking coffee

the job thing is weird

~ i wrote ~

Man oh man the job search of which you write is weird.

A little bit I don’t know what to write back to that, because it’s a problem I myself have been grappling with in my back-in-NYC life, or was starting to realize I’d eventually have to grapple with, and I more or less bailed on the question.

The dregs of this bullshit croque monsieur (DID THEY EVEN BUTTER THE BREAD??) on the plate in front of me, the eye I’m trying to keep through the front window on Kareem’s ex-boyfriend’s second-string bicycle, lent for the jaunt, the fact that I peed into some body of water from a tree earlier because they were charging €.50 for the WC in the train station: this is me bailing.

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