part 2 of nomad cafe

He’s speaking English to all the other patrons who’ve come in, which I think can’t possibly be for my benefit…and yet whenever he steps outside, the other two who are now seated in here — his child’s teacher, I understand, and the parent of someone else in the class, who is wearing a purple hoodie and drinking his espresso cortado — this is a neighborhood joint — switch to Danish, and then the proprietor comes back in and rejoins the conversation in English.

In here the shop owner and the teacher and the cortado-drinking parent talked at length about the challenges of education policy. The proprietor — Mark — brings up teaching to the test in the U.S. The teacher says she would rather a student be well-socialized than high-achieving in an academic sense.

I have written down in my journal that immigration is the new opium for the masses, but whatTF does that mean, and whoTF said it? In hindsight, I’m surprised at myself for writing that down, but perhaps I was so out of my mind that I couldn’t recognize how little sense it makes. Other things I wrote down include:

Golden Done? Neonazis in Greece. (This turns out to be the Golden Dawn, a neo-fascist party in the birthplace of democracy)
Also, a quote: “I could probably go anywhere in the States and find a political consciousness of what’s going on behind the scenes.” How could I not have added any context to this? It must have been a statement about contrast with Denmark.
I meet a fellow named Frederick — this is the parent, who wears a purple hoodie and drinks espresso cortado — who does something pertaining to technical storytelling on television programs. They tell me there are lots of Brits
in Spain, that Kroitzberg — no! Kreuzberg — in Berlin is where the Turks live, and just north of that is becoming the new German hipster place with small shops and artists and whatever. They tell me, There are good places all over the world, just around the corner.

also add the big about the ukulele, getting recorded and posted to someone’s instagram account. it’s happening. I’m huge in denmark.

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