Lindenstraße (Berlin-Kreutzberg)

ONE (1) manuel has an excellent folding ruler — is it called that here or anywhere anymore? — and he suggests i try to fold it into a swastika. jain or nazi? i ask, ever testing the waters of too-soon and not-soon-enough, and he says, they’re the same, and i say, no! the directionality differs, and he says, then you just turn it around, and that is when i realize i don’t know which is which. anyway, the limits of the thing leave us two segments short of either
TWO (2) we can, however, make something pertaining to south africa, although i am not listening well enough to retain what
THREE (3) also this
FOUR (4) also an asterisk, if only the kind with only five legs
FIVE (5) ~ the thing at rest ~
SIX (6) now manuel is preparing the feta — between 20/80 and 30/70 goat/sheep — with olive oil and oregano, all of which he imported himself, and i am pushing the medium while relics turns on the table
#pinkfloyd #bauhaus

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