tepid becks

I am at the wrap party for a film featuring lots of dancers so obviously I am not dancing and the bar ran out of beers so I have been drinking one that I found after going around and testing all the unattended bottles for the optimal equilibrium of not empty and room temperature so I could know for sure it was abandoned.
Tepid Beck’s goes excellently with baklava, especially this baklava, which is excellent itself, dripping with honey.
Also now I see that this found beer is alcohol-free, which is probably why it was abandoned.

Justine and Pierre

Today in between the wrap and the wrap party we each learned about our nudity thresholds and smoked some pot in the sauna. Well, outside of it. Fran said, pointing through the window at the two people reclined in the spa,  That’s Anna and her boyfriend, Pierre.
Quel surprise! I said, taking the joint and, Those are their names, too, indicating my bare left, right breast, Anna, and Pierre, and pressing them against the glass to greet their homonyms. Echanté.
All this after I’d read The Marriage Plot—which I found in preread hardcopy in a bar in Neukölln with free books and snatched up to have something else in English, even the same store I was already listening to on audio loop for comfort—aloud to Fran while she lounged and I got completely naked at last before a beautiful German moth that was studying me from the ceiling.
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