This is a true story of nothing and everywhere, pre-written, retold out of order and in pieces.

The pieces — episodic, standalone — may be read as they really occurred in time or filtered for attribute: who invited them into being, the medium of telling, geography, and an ever-growing set of notional themes; there are also keyword search and random selector functions. Each episode comes with a key to its individual content in case you want to follow the attribute road that way, from the interior.

Please, explore.

Or don’t.


New episodes are being added daily and will continue to be until it’s done (several hundred, they’ll total, spanning six months + prologue and sixteen countries). If you would like to be alerted when a new suite has gone up, please subscribe, which subscription for the foreseeable future will just be me emailing you to say so.

Additional not-quite-but-almost-boilerplate literary notes on whatup can be read here.

If you’re into this, I hope you’ll do something to elevate it.

Thank you.

– Rachel Lieff Axelbank

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