what if we could subvert the framework

I said,

What if we could subvert the framework?

Like what if the starting place is nothing

And everything you do that is not nothing is grounds for celebration?

I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s not the correct thing to *start* from the top of what’s possible and conceive of ourselves in terms of every way we’ve fallen short of that synthetic mark

I mean you’re not really anything other than a bunch of carbon in different configurations


Et cetera

Even the missteps are an accomplishment of sorts

“Man that carbon has so much AGENCY”

She said,

I just had to put my head inside of my sweater

I said,

That’s fine

Stay there as long as you feel like

“I went to grad school with some carbon that — get this — picks out its own sweaters”

what treachery is that

I texted Mary and said,

I am at the moment having some trouble getting out of Ingaʼs apartment

She said,

As in you are locked in?

I said,

As in it’s a little too beautiful out

There are a few too many possibilities

I’ve been hungry for two days, and there is so much food here, and she told me to eat everything

And now I am full but I’m afraid to leave the food

She said,

Do the thing you are most afraid of right?

Especially if what it is is leaving the house

I said,

Maybe it’s that there are barriers

Like changing my clothes

I keep dozing off because what bodily time is it?

Also now I am reminded of what treachery weʼre dealing with here.

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