If you care to elevate this project, below are the optimal actions:

…donating to it

This entire project is driven by hope and zeal and other things not available for purchase. It is presently not a commercial venture, and financial support on any scale will go toward letting me work on it until it is done.

…sharing it

The reason I do any of this is human connection. Please share this with any individuals you know who like reading and places and things.

Please also share it more broadly, e.g. via social media, or in your literary or travel or really any kind of outlet, or by interviewing me on your show, or whatever.

contacting me about publication

I’m open to invitations to publish parts of this thing, like some kind of series…or most of it, like a book if it can be figured out…or all of it, like idk some kind of kinesthetic experiential literary installation. If you want to talk about anything like that, please get in touch.

…volunteering design savvy

Behind the scenes, this website is powered by chewing gum and string, because I know what I want but I don’t know how to do it. If you know anything about web design or coding or any of the related fields that I probably mean instead and would like to volunteer any amount of time to helping me make this project more itself, I’d love to hear from you to that end.

…And here is my express gratitude page.

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